GMA Canada & The World Vision Artist Collective Are Pleased To Present the Nominations for the 38th Annual Covenant Awards


Children's Song Of The Year

As For Me And My House    -    Dan Macaulay
Let Your Light    -    Rick Colhoun & Russ Smith
My Little One     -    Steve Wingfield
Happy Beach     -    Perry Springman

Children's Album Of The Year

Happy Beach - Perry Springman
Just Getting Started - Q-Town
Knowing God - Village On The Rise
Story Of All Stories - Laura Woodley Osman


Country Song Of The Year

Eternity    -    Doug & Marnie Phair
Jesus Is My Rock    -    Dwayne Ferris
Shout To Heaven    -    Marquelle Piers
What's In Store    -    Duncan A Hemmerling/Jardeth Hemmerling
What's Life All About    -    Andy Taylor


Folk Song Of The Year

Fallin    -    Jaylene Johnson
How To Live    -    Rachelle Luk
In The Stillness    -    Ali Matthews
Journey    -    Ursula Pidgeon
Keeping With You    -    Amy Dagenais


Folk Album Of The Year

Bow & Rudder - Minstrel Martin
Bows & Arrows - Cindy Morgan
Potter & Clay - Jaylene Johnson
Think Aloud - Stel

Gospel Song Of The Year

Church    -    Jennifer Budd
Come And See A Man    -    Sam Martey
Joy! (Feat. Top Line Vocal Collective)  -  Warren Dean Flandez, Karolyn Volbek, Jamie Kuse
Minister Ike    -    Isaac Wilson
Scapegoat    -    Josue Nsiamfumu


Gospel Album Of The Year

Come And See A Man - Sam Martey
Conquerors - Cheryl James & Voices Of Worship
Everything - David  Seida
No One Else - Ayo Oni

Inspirational Song Of The Year

All I Need To Know    -    Nicole Crisp, Mat Crisp, David Leonard
Grace To You And Peace    -    Jody Cross
Lord Of All    -    Jaylene Johnson
On My Knees    -    West Of Here
The Least Of These    -    Camille Parkman
Where The Sidewalk Ends    -    Jon Bauer And Rusty Varenkamp


Inspirational Album Of The Year

So Shall We Love - Songs Of Worship And Faith - Ali Matthews
Songs For The Journey Volume Two - The Shiyr Poets
Story Of All Stories - Laura Woodley Osman
Your Perfect Love - Sandy Baldwin
And I Heard The Sound Of Laughter - Cathy A J Hardy

Instrumental Song Of The Year

Anna's Song    -    Melissa Dittrich David
Doxology Healing Song    -    Ron Fischer
Rise Again    -    Sean Spicer & Treneta Bowden
The Potters Clay And The Trials Of Job    -    Gerry Manus
The Promise Part 1-    Sean Spicer


Instrumental Album Of The Year

All I Want To Do - Ron Fischer
Beginnings - Melissa Dittrich David
Jubilee Sounds - Pierre Goulart
Lifelines Of Grace - Jonathan Urie
Unchanging Grace - Steve Wingfield

Jazz/Blues Song Of The Year

Long Lonely Road    -    Andy Taylor
The Covenant    -    Steve Wingfield
Waiting For The Resurrection   -  Mark Hildebrand, Rebecca Hildebrand, Richard Cummins

The Shine FM
Pop Song Of The Year

Constant (Feat. Leeland)   -  Andrew Marcus, Leeland Mooring, Scott Cash, Matt Armstrong
I Look To Jesus    -    Jordan St.Cyr, Jaylene Johnson, Evan St.Cyr
Say Something    -    Jon Bauer And Rusty Varenkamp
The God I Know    -    Love & The Outcome
What I Would Say To You    -    Jordan Janzen, James Shiels, Rusty Varenkamp, Aaron Rice

Praise & Worship Song Of The Year

Blessed Redeemer    -    Ayo Oni
Glory To His Name     -    Andrew Marcus
God Who Moves The Mountains     -     David Leonard, Dustin Smith, Richie Fike
Love Always    -    Mitchell Borrows Ryan Mcallister
Scars On His Hands    -    Brian Doerksen
We Stand As One    -    Greg Sykes, Steve Merkel, Don Poythress


The PraiseCharts
Praise & Worship Album Of The Year

Champion - Bryan & Katie Torwalt
Steady - Hopeful Son
The Light In Us - Jon Bauer
The Union, Vol II - Mat & Nicole Crisp
We Are - The City Harmonic

Rap Song Of The Year

10,000 Angels (Feat. Fresh Ie)    -    Ezekiel Mcmurtry, Robert Wilson
Come Alive    -    Charles Plett (Solitude)
Living Sacrifice (Fire)    -    Landry Kapongo
Mission Accepted    -    Ezekiel Mcmurtry, Robert Wilson
The Life You Lead    -    Tha Gate Keepa, Bezalel, Scribe, Swift


Rap Album Of The Year

A New Direction - Jon Corbin
Kam-City - Malichi Male
Mission Accepted - Ezekiel Mcmurtry
Reverence - One8tea

Rock Song Of The Year

Able    -    Mike R Schuster & Fanny J Crosby
Alive In Us    -    Mark Steinbrenner
Kingdoms    -    West Of Here
Satellite    -    Marcel Preston, Mike Crofts
Unsearchable    -    Luke Langman

Seasonal Song Of The Year

Christ Is Christmas    -    Tamara Boyes And Jared Salte
Emmanuel    -    Ali Matthews
Silent Night    -    Luke Langman
Star Above    -    Mark Steinbrenner
This Christmas    -    Melody Duncan


Seasonal Album Of The Year

Christmas Snow - Tamara Boyes
Christmas Time - The Quintons
Club Church Christmas Vol. 1 - Club Church
Making Spirits Bright - North Langley Community Church/ Cory Alstad


Southern Gospel / Country  Album Of The Year

All About Hymn - Three And Company
Emmanuel God With Us - Torchmen Quartet
He Lives - Adel Gutierrez
Looks Like Love - Canada's Double Portion

Urban Song Of The Year

I Love You    -    Melody Duncan
Found The Way    -    Melody Duncan
Go Loud    -    Derin Bello And Andrew Horrocks
Here I Am    -    Melody Duncan
Never Dim My Light    -   Warren Dean Flandez, Jamie Kuse, Terrance Richmond


CD/DVD Artwork Design

A New Direction By Jon Corbin - Jermaine Wall
Love Like You Do By David Wilkinson - Dave Fretz
Potter & Clay By Jaylene Johnson - Roberta Renee Hansen
Send Me By Christcity Break The Globe - Christcity
Songs & Sonnets By Malcolm Guite - Faye Hall/Roberta Hansen


Video Of The Year

Someone's Precious Girl - Chelsea Amber
The Spirit Of Christmas With Kevin Pauls & Friends - Kevin Pauls
What I Would Say To You - The Color
You Are With Me - Andrew Marcus
She Sings - All Flaws In Progress


Collaboration Of The Year

Diversity - The Arctic, Marika
Good To Me - Andrew Marcus, Paul Baloche, Ed Cash, Scott Cash, Nevin Sawler
How To Live - Rachelle Luk & Drew Brown
Nobody Loves Me Like You - Mike R Schuster & Jennifer Jade Kerr
Story - Ali Matthews & Tim Neufeld
We Are Not Alone - Q-Town featuring Carolyn Arends, Rhythm & News, Roy Salmond, John Ochsendorf, Allison Williams & Adrian Walther


Producer Of The Year

Andrew Horrocks
Fraser Campbell
Drew Brown
Jonathan Kerr
Roy Salmond


Recorded Song Of The Year

Mon Secours Est En Toi - Impact
My Whole Life Changed - Melina Dulluku
Starts With Us - Jon Bauer
What I Would Say To You - The Color
You Are With Me - Andrew Marcus


Song Of The Year

God Who Moves The Mountains - David Leonard, Dustin Smith, Richie Fike
My Whole Life Changed - Melina Dulluku
Running With Giants - Steve Augustine, Joel Bruyere And Trevor Mcnevan
Say Something - Jon Bauer And Rusty Varenkamp
You Are With Me - Andrew Marcus, Paul Baloche, Scott Cash


The Gideons In CANADA
New Artist Of The Year

Mat & Nicole Crisp
Mitchell Borrows
Soap Box Duo
The Pilkey Sisters
Warren Dean Flandez


Female Vocalist Of The Year

Ali Matthews
Charmaine Brown
Nicole Crisp
Jaylene Johnson


Male Vocalist Of The Year

Greg Sykes
Jacob Moon
Jon Bauer
Matt Maher
Tim Neufeld


The Food For The Hungry Canada
Group Of The Year

Sky Terminal
The Amundruds
The City Harmonic
The Color
Tim Neufeld And The Glory Boys


Artist Of The Year

Andrew Marcus
Jon Bauer
The Color
Thousand Foot Krutch
Tim Neufeld


The world Vision Artist Collective
Album Of The Year

Constant - Andrew Marcus
Exhale - Thousand Foot Krutch
Lost In Who You Are - Lightfall
Potter & Clay - Jaylene Johnson
Scriptura - Impact
The Light In Us - Jon Bauer